Effective Soul-Winning Without All The Headaches!

After nearly 30 years of evangelism, Shawn Boonstra has analyzed hundreds of evangelistic series and it is clear that much of how traditional evangelism is being done is BROKEN!

It's no secret that evangelism takes a lot of hard work...

Did you know that a successful evangelistic series requires 3 YEARS of planning?

Did you know that a church typically spends 98% of the time planning an evangelistic series while only 2% of the time is used to recruit and nurture guests?

We want to flip those numbers...

We should be spending the majority of our time seeking out guests, and far less going over all the minutia of planning a successful evangelistic series. 

At the Voice of Prophecy, we've made it our mission to make this paradigm shift a reality.

We've created a complete plug-and-play evangelistic program that allows you to effectively win souls without having to spend valuable time:

  • Developing an all-new evangelistic strategy
  • ​Preparing your own sermons
  • Find your own graphics
  • ​Develop promotional materials
  • ​Set up your own advertising campaigns

Put yourself in your pastor's shoes...

Imagine opening night... The venue is absolutely packed because you and your church were able to spend the majority of your time encouraging people to attend.

Imagine having all the time you NEED with your attendees without having to rush home and prepare your next sermon.

Imagine having all the tools that you need to successfully win the hearts of your guests and grow your church.

Up until now this has been a mere fantasy for many churches.

With a lot of hard work, prayer, and innovation, the Voice of Prophecy has turned this dream into a reality. 

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What Are People Saying?

"It made it a ton easier to have all the tools ready to go" 
- Jason Worf

 “Our church loved Final Empire. We enjoyed how easy it was to put on, how engaging the presentations were, and how comfortable we could feel inviting anyone to come and listen. The format of Final Empire allows your church to experience the content and presentations of a professional evangelist, but reap the benefits of connecting people with you and your local church.”
-Jon Tillay

“These meetings have been a blessing to me as a Pastor because it quickly equips me and helps my church to reach out to our community. Our guests enjoyed coming back because of the short but powerful presentations as well as interactive study time. It was a good way for us to connect with our community! I’d highly recommend every church host one of these events!” 
-John Miller

"I appreciate the enticing and gentle way that Shawn presents the truth. It left the audience wanting to know more."
- Diane Levy

"The promotional materials from VOP were inexpensive and well-done. In fact, all the various components of the meeting were helpful -- Shawn's video, the graphics for the class, the book authored by Shawn. All contributed to helping the event to have success." 
- Don Shelton

"The shorter format of just a few meetings was perfect for the busy people of today. Shawn did a really great job of blending history with biblical prophecy. I learned a lot and was particularly fascinated by the new information about Columbus."
- Greg Carlson

Stop Wasting Time On Tasks That Take You Away From Saving Souls...

Here's How It Works!

As a partner with the the Voice of Prophecy, your church will receive carefully researched, time-tested resources that have proven effective, time and time again, in thousands of churches continent-wide.

One such resource is our newest bridge event, Final Empire.

Final Empire is a four-part seed-sowing event that seeks to answer the question, “Where is America headed?” It features four 30-minute videos that use onsite documentary footage from the Holy Land, Europe, and the United States, plus top-of-the-line graphics to explore America’s providential past and future. 

After each video session, a local moderator leads attendees through a guided Bible study and discussion. The whole experience is designed to help people in your community connect with your church, either in person or virtually

Since Final Empire debuted last January, the chaos and uncertainty in our world has intensified, especially in the United States, leaving many to wonder, "What's next for America?" 

Your church can answer the question, offering clear, measured, historical, and Biblical answers to this question.

To begin this process, we'd like to send you our all-new Final Empire evangelistic success packet, which includes information about our powerful virtual platform for sharing our events online.

Join in on this exciting new effective evangelistic movement by getting your copy of our evangelistic success packet today.